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Business – Scanning and Document Management

Business – Scanning and Document Management


Document Management Solutions, Scanning and Software Products for Businesses

TACT Group’s  wide range of scanning and software products, in addition to its document management and consultation services, can handle all your company`s needs regarding secure contract record storagedocument scanning and archiving. These document management solutions will improve your firm`s margins and revenues by strengthening your business structure through redesigning workflow and promoting efficiency.

Regardless of the business department (Ex. Marketing, finance, operations management, etc.), scanners and software will simplify and reduce the workload, allotting more time to more important responsibilities and less towards paperwork. If your company would prefer to hand over the scanning tasks, TACT Group also offers scanning services with a variety of options. And as an electronic solutions provider, wep can either create an entirely new EDM system or one personalized to your company`s current setup and needs.  The EDM (Electronic Document Management) system allows for optimal file and document sharing, thereby solving common business challenges such as transferring documents to different departments, managing high volumes of documents and client records, as well as large varieties of client needs and requests.  With this Mailroom application, businesses will be able to more easily facilitate project management between different departments through the integrated system, avoid duplicate, redundant data entry, and enhance cost management by lessening the amount of labor hours spent dealing with tedious paperwork and filing.

TACT Group’s document management solutions and scanning products can help your business improve document management, business intelligence, archive scanning systems, and business process management. Furthermore, its scanning products and software will expand your firm`s client capacity and reduce workplace stress by increasing productivity and orderliness, making it easier for you to provide excellent service for your valued clients.


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