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Municipal – Scanning and Document Management

Municipal – Scanning and Document Management


Document Management Solutions, Scanning and Software Products for Municipalities

With 25 years of experience in document management, TACT Group has the expertise to skillfully transform your municipal paper file cabinets into an organized EDM (Electronic Document Management) system through document scanning and archive storing. Our document management solutions, scanners and software can aid your municipality in optimizing office space, redesigning work flow and promoting efficiency.

Municipalities constantly have a flow of information and paperwork coming from multiple sources. Manage all that information in a single, centralized documentation center. TACT Group can create an EDM system customized to the specific needs of your municipal department. For example, TACT Group can integrate a digital mailroom into your EDM to electronically sort and deliver all incoming paper mail to the proper recipients, thereby freeing up mailroom space and reducing paper clutter. Our scanners and software make it easy to convert to a paperless office. Digitize documents such as district maps, policies, by-laws, meeting summaries, financial publications, requests for proposals and tenders, etc. into e-documents, thereby implementing virtual archiving to leverage high volumes of information into a cohesive database with real time online tracking and monitoring of documents. Creating a virtual archive will also protect your municipal department’s files from loss and deterioration.  An EDM will enable the different segments in a municipality to conveniently share relevant information quickly, revitalising communication across the board. Not only can your municipality enhance communication internally, but also externally, increasing transparency and public access to government resources and information.

TACT Group’s document management solutions and scanning equipment can help your municipal department reduce costs and better manage information between all relevant parties to improve decision making and service to your evolving and ever changing community.


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