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Museum – Scanning and Document Management

Museum – Scanning and Document Management


Document Management Solutions, Scanning and Software Products for Museums and Libraries

Enhance your museum or library’s organization and aesthetic appeal by digitizing the workplace and moving towards a paperless office. Through the implementation of TACT Group’s product solutions, museums and libraries can develop high levels of efficiency and improve document management, metadata imaging, image enhancement, image, forms and data capture.

TACT Group can create a personalized EDM (Electronic Document Management) that addresses the needs of your museum or library. An EDM can assist your museum or library in safekeeping, storage and retention of your documents by creating a virtual archive. A virtual archive will protect your books and documents from loss and deterioration while providing 24/7 access. Rest assured the properties of the artwork remain true and realistic with our accurate and high quality scanners. 

The paper-to-electronic conversion of your documents by our scanners will create a single data reservoir from which all authorized members can access and share information. In addition, members can also benefit from the powerful search and retrieval mechanisms associated with our products unparalleled by manual searching, an especially important tool in these fields. As a result, your museum or library will reduce administrative work by cutting down time archiving, storing, filing, and retrieving documents. Another aspect unique to Electronic Document Management is office space optimization. Our scanning equipment will effortlessly clear the paper clutter and create open, free space.

Utilize our variety of microfilm scanners and software products to allow for a more organized, presentable and professional museum or library. TACT Group can help your museum or library move forward with the evolving and increasingly tech-savvy work processes, thereby becoming more innovative and technologically advanced.


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