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Data Capture and Data Entry

Group TACT offers data capture and data entry services for all industries. Group TACT performs data capture using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which ensures accurate translation of information into electronic form. Our company can convert any typed or handwritten text, be it archives, contracts, invoices, into a variety of different forms (Ex. PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.). Our data capture and data entry services are personalized to be compatible to your current system. These data services will increase file accessibility, making sharing data and documents easier for retrieval and analysis.

By investing in our data capture and data entry services your organization will witness a fast ROI due to the reduction of labor hours spent on copying information. As a result, your organization will be able to direct efforts towards your main purpose rather than tedious paper to electronic record conversion, thereby revitalizing the work flow and creating a more efficient organization. Outsourcing these data tasks to Group TACT will improve the quality and accuracy of the records while reducing costs, with the assurance that our privacy policies will keep your data safe and secure.