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Digital Mailroom

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Digital Mailroom

In today’s world, common words tend to be used as generic wordings but could have many different definitions.

Here is our definition for the Digital Mailroom….

In simple terms, the Digital Mailroom is a concept where all incoming, physical communication, both departmental and personal, is centralized in the mailroom, converted to digital form — most often by a document scanning  — then routed electronically to appropriate parties throughout the organization based on established distribution rules, often as part of a document management system.

Improve your organization through digitization: Tact Group and its affiliates. has a digital mailroom software set that can make your organization more flexible, efficient and productive.

Digital mailrooms drive information from the source to the end user more quickly. Not only will information be transformed into useful data at a faster rate, but it will also be more easily shared with all relevant parties (employees, partners, clients). And with this centralized  documentation system, employees will no longer need to spend numerous amounts of time searching for information as the automatic indexing function of the digital mail room will make retrieving information simple and easy.

The Key benefits of using such technologies are reduced costs; improved cycle times and the creation of better visibility for your entire process.

Furthermore it improves the sharing process of information. Companies who have a digital approach to incoming information have a better knowledge of the priorities of each department whetehr it is vertically or horizontally.