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Document Management Workflow Consulting

Document Management Workflow Consulting

Tact Group is known to convert documents into accessible numeric information through their paper scanning services.This process can be completed for a variety of documentation, not limited by industry or segment.

We are experienced in fields such as archive imaging, film scanning, microform scanning and content extraction/ indexing services. Our expertise relies on high speed and high-end  content analysis software to index, classify and extract the information automatically in your own workflow.

Automatically, the document scanning and the content extraction process will improve the performance of your business, government departments, financial institution, or health institution. Due to our vast experience in a variety of fields and departments, Tact Group has demonstrated that any makrket can benefit quickly and improve their efficiency. Our Document Scanning and Content Extraction services include document preparation of almost any format, proceeded by intelligent document classification. Following that, we perform content extraction with powerful OCR and character recognition engines to distribute and manage content of the indexed information in a structured format (xml, pdf files, bitmap, tiff, psd, jpg, and high and low resolution proxy).

Our data centers can provide cloud access, secure servers, on location or on remote access.

For more sensitive cases, TactGroup can also implement and operate a scanning flow within your facility which can include training, access to optimized tools and hardware as well as a guarantee of good practice.